Pfaudler focuses on engineering solutions and sustained innovations with superior industrial mixing technologies. Pfaudler has competence in the core science of mixing and mixing simulations. The Group offers clients mixing solutions that help improve efficiency and yield while reducing costs. Moreover, its full-line expertise in mixing includes designing, simulating, engineering, and manufacturing agitators, mixers, reactors, and other associated mixing equipment.


With a solution-centric approach, we have the ability to simulate mixing down to particle levels. Pfaudler’s commitment to continuous development is proved by its co-operation with international research organizations and its close partnership with renowned academies.

Impeller designs include those suitable for radial and axial mixing, gas dispersion, gas induction, and specialized profiles for high viscous and slurry applications.

Pfaudler designs and manufactures mixing systems for various applications:

Liquid-Liquid (miscible/immiscible)
High Viscosity Blending

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