More  than  15  years  of  experience  in  laboratory  equipment , Accessories ,Gas Line .
we  are  a  family  business  who have  experience  in  borosilicate  glass  and  quartz equipment  that   made  from our highly  skilled  glass  blowing  factory  under  a  brand  of “Tonitech”.
Since  2011,  we  have  started the company to trade the  high  value product  in  laboratory equipment  business. We have  many business  partners  with  many international companies such  as  GMM Pfaudler Glass line equipment, Bronkhorst (Netherland), As-1 (Japan),  JUCHHEIM reactor (Germany), Bola (Germany), Poly Science (U.S.A.), CG Chemglass (U.S.A.), Vigor Technology glove box (U.S.A.) etc. and many companies around the world.   
Now a day, we got trust from our customer and business partner.
We keep moving forward  to expand the new market in the future with our  high quality staff.
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