Pfaudler’s Glasteel® or fluoropolymer-lined shell is the backbone of your distillation column. Whether your separation requirements are for distillation, stripping, absorption, or reaction, in either batch or continuous mode, the process engineers at Pfaudler complete the column solution by designing the column internal configuration for your specific process.
Process simulation and pilot testing
Pfaudler’s vessel engineers provide the mechanical design and corrosion technologies for your column shells. Pfaudler’s process engineers are mass transfer experts with decades of practical experience. They use the latest process simulation software to model your process and determine optimum operating parameters and configurations using Aspen Hysys®, then validate the model at Pfaudler’s modern pilot plant test facility. Pfaudler designs batch distillation columns for batch process applications involving its reactor technologies, or distillation column systems for continuous process applications.
Pressure vessel engineering
The mechanical design of Pfaudler’s columns ensures safe operation under pressure or vacuum. Pfaudler is certified to design and build equipment as per all major global pressure vessel regulations and codes, including ASME, AD 2000, PED, GHOST, SELO, GB150 and KGS.
Column reboiler and condenser engineering
Over a century ago, Pfaudler innovated the use of exotic alloys and is an industry recognized expert in the design and fabrication of heat exchangers using high alloys, as well as with Glasteel® and silicon carbide. To complete your corrosion resistant column package, Pfaudler’s process engineers use Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating to design and size your reboiler and condenser.
Material engineering
Pfaudler specializes in the safe containment of corrosive chemicals. Pfaudler’s Glasteel® and Edlon’s fluoropolymer technologies are ideal for column shells in corrosive applications. Ceramic and fluoropolymer column internals provide for necessary mass transfer while maintaining corrosion resistance. For less aggressive applications that do not require corrosion resistance technologies, Pfaudler designs and fabricates alloy columns.
Column internal engineering
The design and selection of the proper packing or the design of trays, supports, distributors, and collectors is critical to ensuring the mass transfer performance of the column system. With decades of practical experience, the process engineers at Pfaudler assess your process requirements and apply proven technologies to your column.
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