With a Pfaudler distillation column at the core, Pfaudler designs your complete distillation system with all the ancillary equipment, instruments, piping, and controls required. With Pfaudler’s column technology at the core, Pfaudler designs batch distillation column systems for distillation or stripping processes. Pfaudler also designs distillation columns for continuous process applications involving Pfaudler Wiped Film Evaporators or glass-lined columns for corrosive, continuous process applications. Whatever the industry or process, batch or continuous, Pfaudler will provide a cost effective, completely integrated, and properly functioning turn-key system.
Column design
Pfaudler provides a complete column design:
 - Pressure vessel design
 - Material engineering
 - Mass transfer process design
 - Column Internals design and selection
Benefits of modular design
In addition to designing systems for field fabrication, Pfaudler specializes in modular design. Completely assembled process modules provide the benefits of a firm, fixed price for the complete scope of work, shop quality construction, fast track project schedule, and Pfaudler’s expertise with single source responsibility for a fully integrated system design.
System integration
Although the design of the column is central, ancillary equipment is essential for the system to perform properly. Pfaudler provides complete packaged column systems, ensuring the design of all equipment, instruments, piping, and controls are integrated for a properly functioning system. Pfaudler has extensive knowledge and practical experience of all key system components, including:
 - Process simulation
 - Pilot testing
 - Column mass transfer technology
 - Reboiler and condenser heat transfer technology
 - Vacuum system technologies
 - Materials engineering
 - Equipment/piping layout
 - Process controls
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